General topics related to Patient’s Health and Nursing Care


Текст учебного пособия: 
PDF icon General topics related to Patient’s Health and Nursing Care. Training material: Study guide/ E. A. Mukhacheva, E. V. Pokhodenko, V. V. Shipitsina, L. A. Mezrina. Translator Peresheina A.I. – KIROV: FSBEI of HE Kirov State Medical University, 2022. – 120 p.




This guide is intended for students’ out-of-classroom training for practical lessons in the course "General Duty Nursing and Health Care." This guide contains the main topics as: - types of medical organizations, functions of an emergency room, - sanitary and anti-epidemiological regime in a medical organization, - organizing nutrition of patients in the hospital and their personal hygiene. This guide also contains a list of test questions, test tasks for the disciplines studied in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards for the specialties 31.05.01 "General Medicine". The guide is intended for students of medical universities of the specialties 31.05.01 "General Medicine".